Monday, January 11, 2010

One last Christmas

Yes..I said Christmas with my family. ...three weeks after Christmas. We are cool like that. We just we all so busy with the crazy amount of family functions, and my step mom always feels so badly having another one with just her kids, she decided to put it off until after everything calmed down. It was nice to see everyone and chow down on some food food(she is an amazing cook)
We all have so many fun stories to tell and always ended up laughing our a**es off at each other. Like me asking if Clamato juice meant it had "clam juice in it"..I mean, I know it is clam and tomato, therefore "Clamato" but really? sick! I love that stuff but I am never drinking it again.
I mean, who thought one day, I think I will mix the juice of a clam and a tomato together....someone very disturbed.

I find myself very wiered out lately with the Holidays being over, my schedule on the weekends is fairly strange. Guess Im gonna have to start planning some events...the beach....

The One and Only, Cabo
(really want this to my my next beach vacay)

or Vegas sounds nice!

ciao for now!

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Tara Gibson said...

i feel ya with the scheduling being clear this month and not liking it haha! I have never been to Cabo and want to go SO bad!