Friday, October 23, 2009

I need opinions, I am having trouble making the leap that is.

I have been wanting to jump on the "jeggings" bandwagon, yes that means jeans + leggings= jeggings, ridiculous, I know..but we all need a little lesson in fashion mathematics 101.

I want to know everyone's experiences with these (if any). I dont know if they are only for the ULTRA skinny girls on the runway, or if us normal girls can wear then.

I never tuck my jeans into my boots, even though I always want to...I think it is b/c I am soooo picky about how flattering my clothes are and I always feel like, no matter how skinny my jeans are, they stilla are too thick, and my legs look lilke really straight up and down (tree trunks I guess you could say). So, you would think these would be the perfect solution, huh?

but what if I pay $115 dollars for them (b/c I really love the James "twiggy" jeggings that are all the rage by the celebrities...and I look like a complete idiot!


For the anorexics of the world or okay for girls like me?

ciao for now!



Tara Gibson said...

i love those jeans! I say go for it!!

Melissa said...

Monica... you may not be super duper model-skinny, but you are close!

You are way skinny and I bet you would rock in these jeans... I personally wouldn't go near them because I am quite plain and normal in my attire... but you could do it! And you should!!!

Good luck!

CAMoore said...

i know how you feel - but here's what i keep telling myself - it's all in your head! If you wear it with confidence, then everyone will probably think - "hey she looks hot!"

PS. I know i have said this before, but if i had your legs, i would run around showing them off! :)

Bethany said...

I got some at Impressions in Fayetteville for $39.00 bucks and I love them!!! I am NOT anorexic by any means and totally know what you mean by the flattering factor, but I think they are great.

Stephanie said...

If ANYONE can pull them off Monica - you can.. Go for it!