Monday, September 14, 2009

P90X...Its What's For Dinner!

My gym for the next 90 days!

Me: before (now..ha ha)

Joseph: before (now)

So it's official- Joseph and I are starting P90X tonight. We have gotten all the equipment and are ready to go! I thought it would be a great way for us to workout together, even tho we have completely different schedules. Joseph has really been wanting to get back into working out ( I know its disgusting that he is fit and he dosent work out regularly.) He has always been the type that is really active and has always played sports. Recently he joined a softball league and he is discovering that he isnt in as great of shape as he once was. goes nothing...

I have heard several things about the program..good and bad. I have already done a few of the yoga workouts and they are definately intense for I am guessing I can assume that same for the rest of the workouts. I love a good workout though! I work out almost every morning with my Triple Threat class and I think I really cannot stop going to I am going to be extra tired.

I am forcing myself to put up a before pic just so I have to stay accountable for keeping up with the program. (I cant say the same for Joseph tho...but I am going to put up a before pic of him too so he feels a little pressure!)

Love you honey! Now lets get RIPPED!

wish me luck!



Melissa said...

Monica! You look like you are in GREAT shape! I don't know how much better you can get... but good luck!

Mary Belden said...

Allison and Alan did P90X. They really liked it! Laura Gillespie is also just starting it and says it kicks her butt! I have also heard of people doing the "shred" (Jillian from the Biggest Loser's workout).

Good luck! (And I think you look great in your before!)


Jennifer T said...

im one of the "shredders!" look wonderful, but good luck with your new workout...keep us posted on your results...ive thought about trying p90x myself!

Tara Gibson said...

you are in fabulous shape girl! Good luck with the p90x! I have heard nothing but great things about it. I am doing the shred now and I love it!

CAMoore said...

had to comment....

If I only looked like you in a tennis outfit.... :)

You are perfect girl. But I understand yall wanting to get into shape. I am in desperate need!

You will do fab on the program - good luck!