Monday, August 31, 2009

A fabulous weekend at Beaver

Kristi and I

Joseph and I had a fabulous weekend! We finally took our boat up to Beaver to go to Jeff and Kathy's lake house. They have always been our official lake buddies on Ouchita but now that they have thier OWN house, they are always trying to get us to come up to Beaver! We are soooo happy we did! It was a beautiful weekend...a little chilly when the boat was cruising, but once we stopped, it was just perfect! We got to see a good friend of ours..JJ and his new wife. He never fails to impress all of us with his crazy wakeboarding skills and Joseph was happy to see that he can still hang with the best of them...even though he knows he isnt quite as good (according to Joseph he isnt as good...but I think Joseph is amazing)...he loves to learn new tricks and it is nice to ride with someone who really knows so much about the sport.

I also got to see my bestie Kristi, who just returned from her honeymoon. She is officially a married woman and I am so excited to share our lives with all of our wonderful friends!
We always laugh so hard when we are all four together and this wkend was nothing but halarious. I just love how easy it is to be with them and I know we will all four be friends forever! We love you Jeff and Kathy! Cant wait until St. Louie!! wooo hoo!

my hubby after a long hard day of wakeboarding

we made him ride to "Soldier Boy"

it was halarious
best buds

best buddies
We are so lucky to have yall in our lives!

get down, get down! Dont ask...

Kathy and I enjoying one of the last few weekends of summer!

Jeffy and I

I mean she has legs for DAYS! can I borrow those please?

This was our version of "Soldier Boy" ..we are so lame

Joseph about to go for a "snail fish" I believe that is a rayliegh with a twist and a grab...somthing like that

YOU! Joseph's signature move
...I will leave you with that.
your welcome. ha!

Next weekend is the last weekend of "official" summer! May all of you have the best weekend yet!



Amy S said...

I dont know you and hubby- but I love reading your blog- you always have sooo much fun and it just reminds me of the good ol days !! BK ha ha before kids!!! :) ENJOY having a BLAST together!!! TFS!!
from Indiana

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Looks like such a nice weekend with friends! I loved going to Beaver lake when I lived there, I miss it!

Melissa said...

That last picture is really funny... very interesting!...

It looks like y'all had a great time!

See you soon (maybe... possibly at a football game?)...!

- Melissa