Thursday, July 16, 2009

More of Africa

So here are some more pics from Africa, again out of order. I need some serious help with blogging!

chillin the back, chillin in the bush

this is us with Clayton Morar, he works for the "People or Us Weekly" of South Africa
The Amazing Race just aired there and it is a pretty big show in Africa

Joseph and I went out to a bar on Camps Bay, looked alot like South Beach in Miami. fabulous
It was crazy, you could by a bottle of Grey Goose (table service) at this club for $350 Rand which is about $40 US dollars! In Vegas it would cost you $400 or more! love it!

Mama Tau's lion ranch

the garden at our lodge

our digs

about to go out for the day

Anna and I

so funny


sunset in the bush

our fab ride

our room

these trees are about 1000 years old and they are made of about %97 water

the photography ranch we visited

hippo hideaway

random snapshot of me...glad I dont have anything in my nose

the patio and bar area

Africa is an amazing place. I think everyone should try to visit at some point in their lives. There is so much to see and you definately cannot do it all in one trip. The people are worth the visit in themselves. People are soooo appreciative of you choosing their place of business and they are truly kind and gracious people.
Although the poverty is apparent and extremly sad, there is a lot of hope amongst the people and they truly appreciate the simple and important things in life.
I will visit again and hope to get more in depth with the lifestyle and a better perception of what truly needs to happen to make a difference in these wonderful people's lives.
Africa, thank you for a trip of a lifetime.



What beautiful pictures!! I don't think you can take a bad picture. Hope you are having a great summer and hope to see you again soon so we can hang out.

Suzanne said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I can't wait to hear all about it one of these weekends when we can finally get back to the lake!