Thursday, May 7, 2009

South we come

So, soon Joseph and I will be traveling to South Africa on a hunting expedition and safari. I am excited beyond words. This truly will be the experience of a lifetime and I cannot wait to take in all that Africa has to offer.
We are staying at a safari camp, Adansonia. Our hosts will be Minnie and Mof, South African natives, along with their two young girls. Here are some pics of where we will be staying.

Some past hunters and their trophies

Now...for what I will be wearing...

I soon discovered there is not a lot of women's true safari gear out there, so one company pretty much has the lock down, when it comes to safari wear that is actually functional

Eddie Bauer also has an Expedition Belize line that is fabulous..this jacket is super cute and I will be able to wear it again
It is nice to have shirts that roll up and are is winter in Africa in June, but it will get up to high 70's or low 80's

here is me in a about a month...except with blonde hair of course.

what I wish I could wear....dont think that will work out in the wilderness
I have suggested a few fashionable items and I soon get my head bit off by Joseph..."this is NOT about looking cute!"
I do want to be prepared and not look like a prissy little city girl, but never hurts to look cute at the same time!


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Heather said...

oh fun! Brad and I have looked into the same sort of trip and plan to do this at some point. We have debated on waiting until our girls are older so they can go with us...what an amazing experience....And I'm with's ALWAYS about looking cute, but I would not want to be unprepared in the African safari. I can't wait to hear about your trip!