Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mid Season Tennis Tournament

This weekend was the State mid season tennis tournament in LR. It was a really good tournament, especially to get ready for State, coming up in June. It was my first time to compete on this kind of level, and I am officially hooked. A lot of that probably has to do with my team...the girls are soooo much fun, the husbands all got along so well, and all of them kicked some serious booty on the courts. We won as a team every single match we played, and therefore we won our division. I know State is going to be a lot harder, so I am going to be LIVING on the courts until then. The pressure is too much..and I dont want to let my team down.

Katy and I giving each other the eye...match point
Me (left) and Katy (right)

Katy (left) and I getting ready to play Little Rock Raquet Club
Mid Season State Champs

My partner, Katy Ward

My other partner...and cheerleader

the hubbies

always has to be the center of attention..thank you line judge Joseph, but I think you might be a little biased

Me, Amy, and Kelsea
There was quite a bit of down time, so we went to dinner and to have a few drinks on Saturday night. Willy D's was a blast, but we had the most fun downstairs, where we danced all night.

Willie D's


some of the crew after a long night of dancing, sweat much

I was rapping, old school style

luv him, luv it!

again...sweat much

you wouldnt think we had a match the next day, but we actually were way too sober to be around that many people for that long, but the dancing was too much fun. I am a sucker for old school rap, I cant resist.

I am so lucky to be part of such a wonderful team and I know we will all stay friends for a long time.
Go Team Fianna 2!

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Melissa said...

You all look so professional with the matching tennis outfits... WOW... very impressive!