Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A visit from some great friends & a new appreciation for my new home town

Fran and Barry, our best buddies from the Amazing Race, came for a visit, and we were so excited to see them. We all talk often, it is hard NOT to stay in touch considering these are the only people who know exactly what you went through, and had the same unique experience on that crazy, over the top, around the world trip of a lifetime.
It was really nice to show them around the Fort, it is funny how sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until someone points it out to. I think they thought...oh, "Fort Smith, " nothing to write home about; They just came for some quality time with Joseph and I. However,I think they left with a new appreciation for Arkansas. They thought the downtown area was wonderful, intriguing and had tons of potential. It was nice to show them all the renovations to our ongoing downtown project. I am actually really amazed myself how well it is coming along, it doesn't look like much right now, but the bones are definitely there...I can see it all so clear now, through the blueprints, engineering and architecture plans, it is going to be no other place in the Fort, or Arkansas as far as I am concerned! I'm a lil biased..

Joseph showing Fran and Barry his vision. I am so proud of you baby!

soon this will be full of booths, tables, flat screens, drinks, food and lots of peeps!

I love the exposed brick dates back to the 1900's, when Fort Smith was the prime spot in the westerm Frontier

the upper two levels, will be 14 loft style units

so long Davis, hello ????_______ no name yet, but it will be a Meadows' vision

We have BIG plans for the look of the exterior

Fran and Barry with Lake and Michelle, at their home in Mississippi, that was the stop after our home

We love you Franny! You will always be welcome in our home and we hope to see you back for the grand opening!

woo hoo!



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Mary Belden said...

I didn't know yall were into "downtown revitalization" stuff- that's great! Sounds familiar to my family! I love old, historic buildings! The old, brick wall reminds me of my parents condo- it has the exposed brick.

Hope you and Joseph are doing great!