Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ski Trip

Kelly, Sarah and I at the Westin

it was a loooong day on the slopes....I need a afternoon toddy
yes, this is me with no makeup. I couldnt seem to keep it eyes were watering so bad!

we took a snow sleigh to Zach's Cabin for dinner, after drinks at the Ritz. is was breathtaking

I found sking to be very frustrating at much crap to put on, take off, put on, adjust, blah blah
all while I cant move b/c I have a million layers on! I needed a vacation from the vacation!

I look like the abdominal snow man

the girls

but once we got it all together, it was all worth it!

So, this was the only night we stayed up late, b/c we were so tired everyday after the slopes. You only need a few glasses of wine b4 you are feeling good in the high altitude!
My skin was sooo dry, every morning I would wake up and look like I aged 10 years. I could not live there!

The hot tubs at the Westin Riverfront , where we stayed we fabulous! I hadnt really seen an infinity hot tub before...but it looked like it went right into the river, which was at the base of the mountain range where we skied everyday. so fun! let me explain! Everyone chickened out the first night we got there, but Joseph and I were so excited and feeling frisky! So we decided to go down to the hot tub. I turned around and he had my new pink Oakley ski goggles on! It just escalated from there. I admit, I definitely set the camera timer for this one!
At least he still cracks me up after all these years!

I dont know if this is supposed to be his model pose, I think they call it blue steel

It was such a wonderful trip! I dont think we will ever stay anywhere else when we go skiing! The resort had the ski valet, rental, and gondola all right there at your door step...soooo spoiled! I dont know if I could do it otherwise though, I was seriously annoyed by the hassle of it all! I definitely am a beach girl. But once I got up on the mountain and started to ski, there is nothing like it. I think I need to go to one of those places where you can ski in your summer clothes! Perfect!


Amy S said...

Hi Monica- I hoped on here from another blog--I always get a kick out of your post--you crack me up- (you and your hubby are always having fun-- reminds me of before me and my husband- back when) ha and the ski trip looked awesome-but I would so totally be like you with the frustrations of it all-I am a beach girl too! From Indiana Hello!!!

CAMoore said...

girl! You have the best skin - but I bet that winter weather was havotic!!

I totally agree with you, remember when we went skiing with St Jo? I think I cused myself up and down trying to get ready to go skiing for a day, all those damn layers and the freaking shoes---oh don't get me started!

Looks like you all had a blast!

PS. Yeah for Sarah!!!!!!

Tara Gibson said...

you look so adorable in all your ski gear! once again i love your hair!

Alison McCormick said...

Ahhh so jealous! We haven't been skiing since I got pregnant with Emma. I know ya'll had a blast!!

Heather said...

We just went skiing, too (last month) and I was the same. All the layers making me look huge, the cold, the dry skin, the not my thing. I'll take the beach any day! Just wait until your doing it all for yourself AND two little divas! Good memories, though!