Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's been awhile...let's play catch up!

Bowling is always more fun when betting is involved....I had a lucky night and bowled a 120 or something like that. I think that is good....?

Joseph and Jeff getting serious about some bowling

beau-ti-mous Kathy



he looks scared...Kathy what did you do to him?

I never knew bowling could be so much fun

So...I had a mini reunion with all my besties from Doe's! This is Monique and I at Fix

Mom and Jo came....our mini family pic

So, we thought it would be a great idea to take a back in the day...I brilliantly decided on Yager, b/c that was the shot of choice at one place in time...

here goes nothing

I think we have officially gotten old! ha!

I have the cutest mom ever!

We gave Doe's the best 3 years of our life! ha!
Now, we are married (me and Monique) , getting married ( a guy she met at Does), and living in Dallas (Emily)

Shogun......tradition for mini reunions and bdays

I love you girls...Vegas here we come!

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Taylor said...

looks like you girls had lots of fun!! I love it that your momma came out to Fix! She is so cool! You look fabulous as always too! See you soon!