Monday, February 2, 2009

So glad to be busy again!

Go Steelers!

At Steve and Amanda's watching the game

Their airdale, Roxy, such a doll

Joseph and I in the "garage" at Steve and Amanda's. wow! I need to go to Taylor (dead swanky) ASAP!

Our little Jude, such a ham

Liz and Jeff, luv ya!

I had quite an eventful weekend. Friday we went to dinner with James and Sarah and Andy and Ruth at Gourmet Gallery in Fort Smith, it is special thing they do once a month and we had about 5 courses and it was fabulous. I got to see Andy and Ruth's new baby William and he is such a precious lil boy! I cant believe they are already the parents of tow little boys!

Saturday afternoon, my sister in law Amanda and I went to look at houses for her to possibly buy and then we had lunch with little Jude and Joseph! He loves his aunt Mo! He is finally at the point where he wants to come to me and hates when I leave....I love it!

On Saturday night we had our monthly supper club, and this weekend it was at David and Sarah's new house in Brighton Place. It is sooo beautiful! They have so much going on with their little boy due April 1st, and the new house and work. I was so glad they still had us all over. It was a Mexican fiesta night. I brought low cal margaritas and black bean soup. I am posting both of the recipes b/c they were such a hit! Sorry, I have no pics of either night. I am not used to pulling out the camera all the time yet. I still feel a little awkward when no one else is taking pics!

Yesterday, I was just suppose to have a showing on my listing in Barling, but it turned into a offer! The people looked at the house yesterday at 2 and wanted to make an offer right then and there! So I had to rush bac to the office while they waited and get a contract..silly me didnt have one with me! (my mom has always told me to be prepared with a contract in my car!) now I know whyy!

Anyways, we are going back and forth now so we will see what happens! I didnt get to our superbowl party until about 430, and we played a game where everyone bought $10 squares, and someone won $500 at half time and $500 at the end depending on the score and where you square fell....anyways Joseph and I won $500! yeah! ski trip attire, here I come!

all in all it was a busy busy weekend and hopefully this is sign real estate is picking up!

call me if you know someone who is in the market to buy or sell a house! ha! (no!)



Taylor, The Queen's Momma said...

It was great seeing you today! Can't wait for you to post new pics so we can compare the roots :) Congrats on the house offer!!

amy said...

Hey Monica..You dont know me...I am just a blog reader! But I just read that you were looking for ski attire. I was in academy the other day and noticed they had some ski clothes marked down to pretty cheap. Thought you might want to know that!

CAMoore said...

How is Ruth? I missed last nights JL meeting...did you go?