Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Post Holiday Fun

Just wanted to show a few pics from the post holiday events. The week after Christmas, Joseph went on his annual hunt in South Texas with Hank, Scott, and Jeff and I was left by my lonesome...which usually means I am off to Fayetteville. Sarah and I hung out all day and shopped and then that night Lindsey and I went to dinner at Bordinos. It was so much fun to catch up with her. We hardly see each other anymore but when we do get together it's like there hasnt been a day in between. We decided after dinner to go for a few drinks at Brewski's..that usually means you are going to run into a few old buddies from high school. We ran into David Bassett and Freeman Wizer, it was great to catch up and see how things are going in their lives. Like the good ol' days.
The next weekend was new years. There was seven couples with us and we all got rooms at the A Loft hotel and went to dinner at Bordinos. We ended up walking out of there in an outrage (LONG STORY) I will tell later, but we ended up eating dinner at Taco Bell! Hey- I am not above some Taco Bell!
The A Loft had a DJ set up and we had a table reserved. It all made for an intereting and very entertaining new year! If you have some good friends and some cocktails...you can have fun no matter what!
Happy New Year!

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Molly Bittle Puryear said...

What happened at Bordinos??!