Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's ON one night...and majorly OFF the next

me and Sar-ie at the wine bar before Paint the Town Red...really I dont know what the heck my hair is doing in this one!

had to get a girlie shot before all the chaos begun

me and Kathy enjoying the festivities...taking a little break from the front row of the Boom Kenetic mosh pit

So I am sitting at home on a Saturday night, all by my lonesome...well (I have my bestie dog, Lola Bear). My hubby Joseph left me on Friday morning to go to a friends ranch in South Texas...once again. After the ranch he is off to Reno for a big outfitters convention, SCI. It is basically the biggest, most manly, most rough and rugged compilation of hunting vendors, booths, retailers and outfitters that one could possibly imagine. So basically- my worst nightmare.

I (and lola) was off to Fayetteville yesterday and met up with Sarah at Maude...where I found a fun fab dress that I ended up NOT wearing...TYPICAL!
We preceeded to go to her house to figure out what we were going to wear. She MADE me bring basically everything in my closet for her to try on. When I was walking out of my house I was glad Lola was my only confindant b/c I was really embarrased I had all that crap for only one night! ....

Sarah- we are NOT good influences on each other's closet space or wallets!

Joseph had to leave earlier than I was left with an extra ticket to Paint the Town Red, and a ninth (or eleventh) wheel with all of our friends! No biggie though, a girl dosent need a man to have fun! Kathy was definatley my dancing buddy all night! We have always loved dancing to Boom Kenetic (formerly Molten Lava) and we always have to make sure we get right up front...which was not the easiest task. The dance floor was PACKED, and I ended up wearing most of my red wine instead of drinking it, which today I am thankful for..considering I am hung over without the extra wine in that cup! I really dont know when my body decided it was sick of tolerating alcohol, but it has definately made the transition!
I have this really, really annoying eye twitch....if anyone knows how to fix it, I would LOVE to know some remedies!

Another thing I realized....
In a weird way, I feel like I can get a sense of how much my life will change when I have kids.....b/c of Lola. I mean, my in laws were gone so they couldnt watch her while I went to Fay...Joseph is gone, so I brought her with me. I had to leave her all day in a strange place, have my girlfriend Lindsey check on her while I was drinkin it up at PTTR, and then I had to haul her to Jeff and Kathy's, which you always feel bad bringing your DOG, b/c you never know how they will react to their dog and blah blah blah.
It's amazing how much more I have to plan and strategize due to have another living thing in my life that depends solely on ME! I know! I know! All you moms out there are going have no idea how that doesent even compare to a child but I am just starting to realize the magnitude of it all! All I can do is appreciate the time I have with my husband...a life with only a few strings attached...but a life where we can do anything at anytime and we really need enjoy each other during this special time in our marriage...and then hopefully one day we will be blessed with children..until then I am taking today to APPRECIATE MY FREEDOM TO LIVE SPONTANEOUSLY!

Considering tonight I am enjoying my self A LOT, cuddled up in my PJ's with Lola Bear, is a major step for me. I can tell I am changing my metality towards what is fun and what is important.

Yes...I took a picture of us cuddling on the couch.
I had to get the full impact how freakin cute she is!

She's going "Mom! Stop blogging and pay attention to me!

love you all
mo (and Lola Bear)

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Jennifer Tschepikow said...

lola is ADORABLE!!! and i feel you on your body rejecting alcohol...i literally can have ONE glass of wine and have a headache the next day! it SUX! its strange, the transitions that take place as we get older..its fun though =) hope you feel better!

Melissa said...

Lola is adorable! It looks like you had fun out on the town! Dogs (especially puppies) are good training for real babies; however real babies are definitely a whole other issue. Your freedom is definitely gone and your life completely changes. It's great for the most part... but it is still REALLY hard.

Tara Gibson said...

Cute pictures!!lola is the cutest! I am so with you on the alcohol thing, it seems all I can handle these days is wine and very little of it! It doesn't help that I love my red wine! Haha
Drew and I talked about how we need to enjoy every Min of these next few years before kiddos come along, get all the selfishness out of our systems and then put all our energy in our kids. My Sadie sure gave me a taste of responsibility! Have a great week!!

Alison McCormick said...

Lola is precious. FYI..on the eye twitch thing..start eating one or two bananas a day. Your body is lacking a certain vitaman. Don't ask me how I know this I just do..haha. Anyways..glad you had a good weekend and you will find out more and more that your body can't tolerate things as well as it used to and being home these days ends up being more fun than going out. But seriously wait till you have does get worse!!

Taylor, The Queen's Momma said...

puppies are good baby practice... and yes it is hard sometimes, but if you have a good sitter or family you can still have fun date nights with your husband! And sometimes Tay and I take turns going out with our friends, too. Enjoy it now and just schedule a little later! It's so worth it, though! Have a great weekend!

Molly Bittle Puryear said...

Ok, so I know you're probably totally past it, but I'm still dying to know what happened at Bordino's on NYE?! They're usually so accomodating, so I have to know what happened!

Melissa and Jake said...

OH my goodness what a cute little friend she is. I showed Schroeder a picture and he's totally crushin. Hope to see you soon!!!
Luv ya! ~SPEARS~

Melissa and Jake said...

OH my goodness what a cute little friend she is. I showed Schroeder a picture and he's totally crushin. Hope to see you soon!!!
Luv ya! ~SPEARS~