Monday, October 20, 2008

We are so workin the Martha thing...

she is so ornery

me and sarah at War Eagle, never thought I would have so much fun!

an "interesting" sweater

Our 4 shopping carts full of CRAP

Sarah can barely fit in the car

my new wreath, cant wait to show it off!

Mom and I ..lunch at Common Grounds

We walked there from her house, it was a perfect fall day

It is not good when Sarah and I get an idea, b/c as soon as we get something in our heads, its no holds barred from there! This weekend Sarah and I went to lunch and on the way we stopped at Sign, Sealed Delievered in Bentonville. I was in aw of all of the fabulous Christmas finds, it was definately system overload. They had the most beautiful wreaths and garland. We started to get a little bit of anxiety...especially Sarah..but that is not unlikely. It is just overwhelming the mass amount of trinkets and it makes you feel like you dont even know where to begin. So, we decided that we wouldn't just bow down and whip out our checkbooks, we would take pics and recreate that fab designs!

So Saturday morning Sarah, Jessica, Angela (sarah's sister and mom) packed in the car and headed out to War Eagle. We didnt find much for our wreaths there, but we did see some "interesting" crafts. My favorite part was the people watching and the mass amount of absolute JUNK. However we did discover 3 booths that were worth the drive. I bought the same frame as Sarah with the quote "Whatever our souls are made of...yours and mine are the same." so cute!

Then I found some pottery that match my kitchen perfectly.

The third booth was the best. There is a lady out of Huntsville that travels around the country to old cemetaries and takes pictures of angels. Sounds creepy, I know but they are very touching. If you want to check them out, the link is The little ones are $20, and would make great xmas gifts.

After the fair, we went to lunch and Sarah was getting antsy to make her wreath so we went to Hobby Lobby...I dont think we expected to do quite so much damage! The whole "we are in a recession thing" went right out the window!

So, Saturday night, after we all recovered from our craft fair/hobby lobby extravaganza, we went to Mark and Jess's and started on our wreaths.
We made an absolute mess of Jess's house, but we had a blast and our wreaths turned out fabulous.

For a moment we were getting a big head and thought "OH! we can sell these!" however for all that work that goes into it, they better pay a hefty price!

Being crafty is not easy people!

After all our hard work, Sarah's dad comes in the room and sees her MASSIVE garland mantle peice she created. He promptly told Sarah's mom that she could NOT have those! She said "if you dont watch it, I will have TWO of these!" and he comes back and says "you dont need any of that JUNK-A!"

Sarah was very offended, but we were all laughing so hard we were about to pee our pants!

awww...poor Sarah, I love your garland, and it is not JUNK-A to me!

And, Sarah- every weekend I spend with you I have a blast, your are the bestest BFF!



Sarah said...

You are the bestest BFF!! I had so much fun last weekend and I know we will this weekend... and the next... CANT WAIT!!! Did you order your Christmas cards??

Melissa and Jake said...

Mo!!! Nice Job on your wreath!! Had a great time seeing you this weekend! Cant wait to see you again. Take care of my grandma over there in Ft. Smith!!