Friday, October 10, 2008

My husband the Pilot

So Joseph has taken up another hobby, among his many... like wakeboarding, golfing, fishing, hunting (almost everyday of the week) and with the hunting comes deer season, duck season, quail season, bear season, and elk season. Not only does he hunt, he goes on major trips to hunt in exotic places. I mean seriously...I need to think of a hobby that is that time consuming and that expensive! Maybe I will just become obsessed with destinations spas like Miraval and Canyon Ranch...or taking up professional shopping...after all it is my HOBBY...
ok, I got a little off track there. So Joseph has been taking flying lessons and he is now far enough along that he is SOLO flying. He is always calling me and telling me run outside right that second and look up...and then there he is flying high above me in his little Liberty two seater plane. It really makes me happy to see the joy and sense of accomplishment that he has in his eyes everyday when he comes home. He is so excited to tell me exactly how his flight went, how he landed that day and what our pilot Jack had to say about his performance. There have been a few days where his landings were not exactly something to write home about, which yes SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME. But he says I have nothing to worry about and then starts spitting of statisitcs about how many people die everyday in car crashes compared to private or commercial planes...blah blah blah.
I am starting to feel much better about it all b/c I really do have confidence in him, I always have. He was always amazed me at his incredible knack and ability to figure things out and to be really good at them. I just dont know if I am ready to be a passenger on that plane quite yet.
I have flown in small planes for years now, so that has never bothered me, but that was with Jack and he has about 8000 hours in a plane.
When Joseph goes flying, we will go up just to get some hours for his license. He will sometimes fly to lake Ouachita and back in about 20 minutes, and it takes us an hour and a half by car. I have to admit it will be nice to just hop in the plane and head to the lake one day....or where ever we feel like...we could be in Dallas in about and hour!
So, I will keep you posted on how the flight lessons are going and in the mean time, keep Joseph in you prayers! He would say I am stupid for saying that but do it for me!
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Sarah said...

Please dont get on the plane!!!! SCARES ME!!! What would I do without you!?!?

Angela said...

I will pray for Joseph's safety!! Small planes scare me! I agree with Sarah, MO stay off the plane!
Thanks so much for my signed Paula Deen cookbook. It is sitting out on my counter and makes me so happy!
Love u,