Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our new project!

Well, we closed on the old Davis furniture building last month and now we are in demolition mode, which Joseph is REALY enjoying..what's up with boys and tearing stuff up? This building was built back in the early 1900's and it is so cool! The last picture posted is of an old livory stable, which I had no idea what that was until I resarched it a little. Back in the day when families would come down town in their horse and buggy to shop and have dinner and such, they would park thier horses at the livory stable...not sure about the spelling. The arch way has been bricked in, but we plan to keep it in tact for some character in the restaurant/bar we are planning on doing. We definately dont want to get into the restaurant business, so we want to find an established restaurant to come in and we just do a commercial lease. Most of the use of the building will be condos and studio apartments.
We have great plans for the bar and cant wait to do a little market research around the country in plenty of other hip and up to date places.
The building transforms everyday as we tear more and more of the old furniture displays out and we are so excited about the potential of this building and invest in downtown fort smith, it truly is a beautiful and historic place!

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