Thursday, August 7, 2008

My favorite things

This is my new favorite obsession. It is a website with designer clothing lines for AMAZING prices! They have some of the hottest new lines that you may not have heard of, but you will love. Anything from Vera Wang to Dolce and Gabana to Philip Lim. Their stuff sells out crazy fast, sometimes I dont even know who is buying this stuff everyday b/c a $500 coat that was originally $6000 will sell out in literally seconds. Not everything is in that price range though. I have gotten fab shirts and such for less than $100.

you have to sign up but it dosent cost anything and so worth it. plus, if you invite friends you get a $25 credit per friend that buys something!
you have to check it out.

This is another website like giltgoupe, but not quite as great....still really fun tho.

Aus10 Photography

you just have to check out their work for yourself

George Michael

I know...totally lame, but I really cant help but love his music. I dont go a day with out listening to Father Figure and Faith on my ipod. It is totally fun and gets my day going.

Biologique P50 toner
This stuff works miracles, at least it FEELS like it does. I found this at a local Ft Smith spa, New Life Beauty. It is really one of their best selling items, so I thought I would try it out and now I cant live without it. It exfoliates your skin so well and really gets everything off your skin. It kind of burns a little at first but you get used to it and I actally love that it burns b/c I can feel the alpha hydroxy acids working. Many skin experts believe alpha hydroxy acids are the best way to younger looking skin.
try it, you will be hooked too

When I first moved to Fort Smith, I have really never played a day of tennis in my life. But, it is all the rage in Fort Smith and I thought I would try it Im hooked. I play on a league on Monday nights and I take lessons every week with Brent from Fianna. I have come a long way, but I still have a LONG way to go. I get so frustrated b/c I know I am capable of being good, and as soon as I take a week or so off from playing, is like it all goes to crap!

It definately gets really addicting!
It really is great exercise and it is fun so you dont even notice that you are getting such a good workout. Plus, the outfits and gear is so cute. This is my favorite new bag. It is Maria Sharapova's new line of gold Prince bags and they are fab.
well, thats about all I have to say
hope you try and love my favorite things!
I feel like Oprah.....with out all the people passing out and crying. ha



Taylor, The Queen's Momma said...

You are right about that P50 stuff, Tay and I are obsessed! I will be begging you all the time to bring some down for me so I can get my fix! haha! I saw sarah's pics, looks like you all had fun sat! Call me next time you come up. xoxo Tay

Molly Bittle Puryear said...

Hey! I tried to go to Gilt Group and it said I have to be invited by a member? What should I do? Can you invite me?

Molly Bittle Puryear said...