Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family trip to Destin

Joseph and I at the Baytowne Wharf

The Meadows Clan

having dinner at Run Runners

getting ready to go out to eat

daddy Jubal with lil Jude

hanging out in the ocean with Jude...he just loved it

The Crap Trap having a daytime cocktail

Joseph's dad chartered a private boat...the boys were so excited

Jude buried in the sand

Uncle Joey!

first day on the beach

Well we just got back from our annual trip to Destin FL and I am sooo tired. My eye has been twitching the entire day, I guess it must be from all of those day time cocktails that then turned into night time toddys and rich food, just to do it all over again the next day! I think I am never drinking again...well, ask me again on Friday.
The weather was so perfect, which was kind of ironic, considering everyone, including me thought we were totally screwed when hurricane Fay was on it's way. It actually made the weather so nice. It never got over 90 degrees the entire time we were there and there was always a cool breeze.
I felt like I really got a better experience this time, I discovered a new place called Baytowne Wharf, it like a replica of the french quarter but much cleaner I think. We had dinner there several nights and it is such a neat place to take kids. They have a piano bar echoing through the streets and live bands, as well as movies playing and shopping. so quaint.
It was great to spend time with the whole family, esp Joseph's grandmother who we do not see enough. She was so funny..she loves her margaritas and she drank them by the jug! haha, dont tell her I told you.
my nephew Jude just loved the beach, it was so much more fun this year for him...and we all loved to be around him for a week straight. I think i am going to get withdrawls! but its probably good b/c he gives me the baby bug!
well, basically it was a great trip with good food and family and here are all the pics
cant wait till the next vacay...this weekend is Labor day ..yeah!


Sarah Greer said...

I am going to need you to post more often please!! I had so much fun with yall is weekend. Maybe next time the boys will behave better, I promise I'll make Jared straighten up!!! What a mess they are, it's always funny looking back, but never funny at the time!

Carlina said...

Looks like way too much fun! Thanks for delighting me with this wonderful post on your vacation trip.