Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Lake

Joseph, me, Kathy and Jeff at Ouachita

Me, Sarah and Kathy at Beaver
Like I said before, Joseph and I are completely obsessed with going to the lake. If we ever have a free weekend, which we seem to make sure we do, we are at Lake Ouachita. This past weekend we went to Beaver for a wakeboarding tournament and we had so much fun. It brought back so many memories of getting out of class in college and heading up there everyday to get a few hours of wakeboarding in before it got dark.
Joseph has so many good wakeboarding buddies up there and they are so amazing to watch. JJ, one of our good friends, runs a boat shop, Arrowhead, so he was helping with the tournament. It was really nice to see him again and I could tell Joseph missed all of his hard core wakeboarding days.
It was so funny b/c all of these guys are trying to sell us a new boat, you know, the new souped up Malibus with all the hardcore wakeboarding technology. We are so happy with our boat I dont know if we will ever sell it. Joseph got an all black Crownline for his highschool graduation and it is the most gorgeous boat on the lake. He has kept it in immaculate condition....which I wouldnt expect anything less from my perfectionist husband! sometimes wonderful...sometimes annoying...haha
Sarah and Jared went out with us, and like always we had a blast. They are such important friends to us, we are so lucky to have them so close.
Jeff and Kathy were with us too. We pretty much hang out with them every weekend, whether it is at Ouachita, Ft Smith or Fayetteville. It is amazing how close we have all become in such a small amount of time. I told Kathy the other day that I wish we would have known each other as well when we were planning our wedding b/c they definately would have been in the bridal party. They are just so much fun and easy to be around, which is hard to come by.
We are headed back to the lake this weekend with Jeff and Liz and maybe Kathy and Jeff (hopefully).
Im sure it will be as fun as always! Cant wait!
till next time


CAMoore said...

YEAH! Love the blog!!!

Sarah Greer said...

It looks so good MO!! Im so glad you started it!! Call u tomorrow!

Alison McCormick said...

Love the blog! It is so cute! It is my way of keeping my family in touch with what is going on with the kids. Tell Jeff and Kathy next time you see them that we said hello!